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the obama white house. the founding fathers never envisioned executive orders being used to restrict our constitutional rights. we live in a republic, not a dictatorship. the president has called for reinstating a ban on assault weapons, and limiting high-capacity magazines. polls show the nation is evenly divided on the issue of new gun laws. at the state capitol in denver, colorado today, gun rights supporters rallied outside, while lawmakers debated on assault weapons bans inside. and in new york, governor andrew cuomo proposed a stricter assault weapons ban during his state of the state address. >> no one hunts with an assault rifle! no one needs ten bullets to kill a deer! and too many innocent people have died already! >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie featured on the cover of "time" this week told matt lauer this morning, a broader approach is needed. >> why do we have such a stigma about mental illness treatment, why aren't we dealing with substance abuse treatment. >> reporter: the president will meet with a number of gun rights advocates, including a representativ
always been a lot of talk about the ins lears about the obama white house. >> yes. >> i mean, i do think we're kind of like at halftime here and the white males have run up the score so far in the first two quarters. there's still a few more quarters to play in termdz of putting his team together, and given the round of criticism or observations that's coming this we week. >> is -- are you surprised that the white house isn't pushing back more on this? i for one sort of am, but insofar as dave corn has a football analogy, maybe that is the case, that this is just -- is he leading off with the guys that he likes, and we're going to get to a more diverse cabinet later on in the game. do you think it's an issue for him? >> i think it's not necessarily an issue. here's why the administration hasn't pushed back. they know that when all is said and done, this won't be the reflection of what the second term of president obama is going to look like. i think you can look at the history of where the administration was and people think that just now the timing and the roll-out probably hasn't been
. brian? >> kristen welker at the white house for us tonight. kristen, thanks. >>> president obama today formally nominated his chief of staff, jack lew, to be the next treasury secretary. as the second-term churn gets under way now. though it looked for a time like the president might nominate susan rice to be his next secretary of state, when that didn't happen, this latest wave of nominees appear to have something in common. and as nbc's andrea mitchell reports tonight, people are noticing. >> reporter: it is the white house photo that could be called all the president's men. adviser valerie jarrett is there, we're told, hidden behind the guys. as president obama filled his top cabinet post with nominees named jack and chuck and john -- >> it's time for me to move on. >> reporter: -- it was like "mad men" goes to washington, except peggy leaving ruth marcus. >> whatever guy becomes chief of staff, i think it's actually interesting there are two women who are deputy chiefs of staff and no one has talked about them as possibilities at all. >> reporter: one of the two deputies, nancy ann
. >>> face time. a first for the obama white house. the vice president meets today with the nra to discuss gun safety. >>> trapped in ice. a race against time to save a pod of killer whales. their only access to air is a small hole there in the ice sheet. experts, now, rushing to the scene. >>> and oscar's arrival. dreams will be made and broken this morning, as the academy award nominations are announced. >>> good thursday morning. i'm sunny hostin. >> and i'm rob nelson. experts in every state are scrambling to deal with a flood of flu patients. >> one city has declared a state of emergency. abc's tahman bradley has the very latest. >> reporter: doctors are calling it onef the fiercest outbreaks in a decade. this flu strain that started in october, instead of january, has spread to 41 states, hitting at least 2,200 people. >> i'm declaring a public health emergency in the city of boston. >> reporter: boston mass general is seeing unprecedented levels of patients. many of whom have to wait 24 hours to be admitted. in pennsylvania, one hospital had to set up a tent outside the emergency ro
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write about the trust between the military and the united states and the obama white house. and the distrust based on where it occurred early on, based on kind of the politics of the operation. i don't want to misquote you, but basically you talked about -- look at my notes. the distrust, the decision-making process again, on afghanistan. that is where the distrust was, the decision-making process. it was that, you don't go into too much detail on what that actually means, what does that mean? >> well, the term i used was lack of trust and a trust deficit. and the reason i used those was because i consider those a little different from mistrust, whenever you have a new organization, a new administration, any new administration it is a team that has to come together. it has to build links among itself and build trust over time. it comes in, and works with the department of defense and military. it takes time to build a team. it takes time to build trust. >> but you can build trust quickly if you feel the other person has your back and is not double-dealing or talking out of
the military and the united states and the obama white house and the distrust that it hurt early on based on the politics of the operation. i'm not -- i don't want to misquote you. you talked about um, where are my notes the decision making process on afghanistan that is what the distrust was based on. was that, you don't go into too much detail? what does that mean? >> the term i used was lack of trust and trust deficit. i consider that different from mistrust. when you have a new administration, sit a team that has to come together and build links among itself and build trust over time. it comes in and works. it takes time to build a team and time to build trust. >> but you can build trust quickly if you feel the person isn't talking out the side of their mouth and leaking stuff to reporters. did you feel that the political apparatus understood the military? >> i'm not sure you can build trust as quickly as you say. i think you build trust when you speak the same language. it takes a while to grow together. look at president abraham lincoln. it took him quite a while to grow as commande
.s. a massacre at the time convict pakistani concerns directly to the highest levels of the obama white house. the concern centered around a march 2011 strike that killed 42 pakistani, most of them civilians. vice-president joe biden met with gun control advocates at the white house on wednesday as part of his task force on tackling gun violence in the united states. in a welcome message to his guests, biden vowed president obama would take meaningful action through executive order if need be. >> we are here today to deal with the problem that requires immediate action, urgent action. the president and i are determined to take action. this is not an exercise in a photo opportunity just ask you what your opinions are. we're reaching out to all parties on whatever side of this debate you fall. but the president is going to act. there are executive orders, executive action that can be taken. we have not decided what that is yet, that we are compiling it with the help of the attorney general and the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action we believe is required. >> vice presiden
and the military and the united states and the obama white house and distrust that really occurred early on based on kind of the politics of the operation. i'm not -- i don't want to misquote you. but you basically talked about -- where are my notes -- the distrust, the decision making process on afghanistan, that's what the distrust was based on, the decision making process. what does that mean? >> the term i used was lack of trust and a trust deficit. the reason i used those was because i consider that a little different from mistrust. whenever you've got a new organization, a new administration, any new administration, it's a team that has to come together, it's got to build links among itself, it's got to build trust overtime. it comes in and works with the department of defense and military and it takes time to build a team and build trust. >> you can build trust pretty quickly if you feel the other side isn't double dealing or double talking or leaking stuff out of the other side of their mouth to reporters. did you think the political apparatus understood -- >> i don't think you can build
this morning, who's in and who's out at the obama white house. find out why hilda solis is leaving and why jack lew's signature may soon be seen just about anywhere. >> i love how we see all these shuffles. >> there it is. i think i'm going to do something like that with my suggest. >> you can't tell me you can find a letter in that. that's just a quick little doodle to get through. >> looks like zorro. >> more shuffling at the white house. >>> then, we'll turn to pro baseball's decision to nominate nobody to the hall of fame this year. it's stirring up a debate over three famous players who got in the middle of a performance-enhancing drug scandal. >> my, my. >> mm. >>> and just hours before the oscars nominations are announced, the people's choice awards were given out. wait until you see the breakup dress taylor swift was showing off last night. this is something to behold. >> between her dress and her multiple relationships now, i think he's beginning to do that whole britney thing where she's shedding the whole good girl thing. >> the dress makes sense. it's sort of an in-your-face kind of
. today's meeting comes one day before karzai meeting with president obama at the white house. >> metro is looking at its security, specifically on buses. in the wake of a shooting incident last december that left a young mother dead and her daughter wounded. brown was shot to death while she was boarding a bus. her 23-month-old daughter was shot in the face but survived. authorities say the child's father later killed himself. police say that they caught the man who stole two police cruisers last month. they are both charged with grand larcenyny. the cruisers were stolen within days of each other. a missing shotgun and mobile computer remains unaccounted for. >> the coast guard is holding hearings to investigate the sinking of a tall ship during hurricane sandy. it sank about 90 miles southeast of north carolina. two people including the captain were killed and 14 others survived after escaping in lifeboats. >> no pictures like that around here, thank heavens. >> nice and quiet weather around here. we have a couple of systems that are going to come t
journal" why obama's white-guy problem seems worse than it is. and "washington post," obama needs some binders of women. and it didn't help when hilda solis announced her resignation yesterday. let me bring in political reporter for "the washington post" and staff writer sarah toeplitz. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> let me read to you part of ruth marcus' column. "not an outrage, but a shame. the face of power that president obama has chosen to present to the country and the world with his second term cabinet picks is striking. except for the african-american top of the pyramid for its retro look. white and male. it's "mad men" goes to washington, except it's leaving." >> so much of the debates that went on in the 2012 campaign was about the role of women. it was about mitt romney and his so-called lack of understanding of the role of women and lack of sort of acknowledgement of that. so now, the white house, where they roll out white man after white man, in terms of these top cabinet posts i think it has struck people as some srt of dissident in terms of what the obama claimed
captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> brown: president obama today named white house chief of staff jack lew as his next secretary of the treasury. good evening, i'm jeffrey brown. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the "newshour" tonight, we have more on the man and the economic agenda he has been tapped to spearhead for the next four years. >> brown: then, ray suarez gets an update on a series of bombings that killed more than 100 people in two pakistani cities today. >> woodruff: margaret warner looks into new federal guidelines for mortgage lending aimed at protecting both consumers and lenders. >> brown: we look at the tense political situation in venezuela, after the national assembly delayed the inauguration of cancer-stricken president hugo chavez. >> this is essentially a power play. behind that secrecy there is nothing but an attempt to ensure the continuity of the regime regardless of president chavez's presence. >> woodruff: and with five oscar nominations, we examine the controversy surrounding one of the most talked about new films yet to see a
lew, was the budget director for president clinton. here at the obama white house for all these major budget fights he has been at the president's side. >> over the past year i've sought jack's advice on virtually every decision that i have made from economic policy to foreign policy. now one reason jack has been so effective in this town because he is a low-key guy who prefers to surround himself with policy experts rather than television cameras. and over the years he has built a reputation as a master of policy who can work with members of the both parties and forge principled compromises. >> republicans have another take on that reputation. this from senator orrin hatch of utah saying since mr. lou participated in numerous budget negotiations with congress and with four consecutive years of over a trillion dollar deficits, the american people deserve to know, not only that this nominee is qualified for the job, but also what policies the white house supports, to get federal spending under control. senator mike lee, another republican adding the nomination virtually guaranties the
. >> woodruff: again, the major developments of the day: president obama nominated white house chief of staff jack lew to be his next secretary of the treasury, subject to senate confirmation. pakistan suffered one of its deadliest days in recent years, as a series of bombings killed at least 115 people and wounded hundreds more. and vice president biden said he will send recommendations on curbing gun violence to president obama by tuesday. but the national rifle association charged the discussions it attended today were mostly an attack on gun owners' rights. how many skiers does it take to move a mogul? we have the answer in today's science thursday report. hari sreenivasan has more. >> sreenivasan: those tricky mounds of snow on well-traveled ski slopes? they actually move uphill over time as skiers move downhill, a study finds. watch a time-lapse video of the phenomenon our science page. the oil boom that has driven hordes of newcomers to western north dakota has been dubbed "the modern gold rush." independent producer todd melby -- with the support of public media partners-- tells the s
this week, reporters have pepper pressed jay carney about what some have dubbed obama's white guy problem. >> this is a couple of appointments. i think it would be useful to wait and make judgments about this issue after the president has made the totality of the appointments that he will make in transition to a second term. >> reporter: of obama's 16 cabinet positions, only two are women. kathleen sebelius and homeland security, janet napolitano. the labor and commerce are open and more will likely become so. it's an usual that can catch fire as we saw during the presidential campaign. >> i went to a number of women's groups and said can can you help us find folks and they brought us binders full of women. >> reporter: the white house is sensitive to this but there are other issues with the new cabinet in the east room as the president spoke glowingly of lew, he noted one exception. lew's signature which will appear on dollar bills. >> when this was highlighted yesterday in the press, i considered resending by offer to appoint him. jack assured me he's going to make one letter legible in
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. michael, see you tomorrow. >> thank you. >>> developing at the white house, president obama makes the choice, you probably just saw it about 12 minutes ago. the treasury official. in the last hour, the president nominated the current white house chief of staff jack lew to replace timothy geithner. >> jack has my complete trust. i know i'm not alone in that. in the words of one former senator, having lew on your team is the equivalent of a coach of having the luxury of putting somebody at almost any position and knowing he will do well. >> joining me is john harwood, a lot of nice compliments for mr. lew. we do we anticipate any trouble? we have heard one or two republicans expressing unhappiness with the selection. >> reporter: well, i just got a tweet from his former spokesman at omb which said that jack lew before the full senate for confirmation five times. not a single no vote so far. i would not expect that to be the case this time but i don't think there's a serious threat to the nomination. jack lew is confident, self effacing. he is easy to get along with. yes, a tough neg
in president obama's cabinet decides to hang up the cleats. meanwhile, the white house tries to frame this story. frame is a purposely chosen word. and makes a pr fumble. >> tonight the one and only suspect in the benghazi attack was released. a militant group met him with a celebration. >>> and steroids. have they changed the way baseball sends players to the hall of fame? today, one man who voted against huge stars, clemens, bonds, we're talking about you. he says yes. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it.
it back? a source tells cnn, president obama will nominate white house chief of staff to succeed timothy geithner. >>> a hero's welcome for a suspected terrorist. the only person jailed in connection with last september's deadly attack in benghazi is now free. and there is new video we want to show you. so this is his release. authorities released him. it's been posted on facebook. he was greeted by what we are told, members of the militant group ansar al sharia, who welcomed and embraced him. brian todd is "outfront." what more can you tell us about this video? >> the timing of its release is curious here. we're trying to figure why it was released this week because this week, this man was released in tunisa. he is the only known suspect in relation to the attack. he's a tunisian man, the tunisians released him from custody this week, citing a lack of evidence. lo and behold, after his release, this video you mentioned is posted on a facebook page of that group. now, that group as you said, is a known militant group. you see the people there greeting him and there is a translated piece
. here are the latest market figures. >>> u.s. president barack obama will hold talks at the white house on friday with his afghan counterpart hamid karzai. patchari raksawong joins us with more details. >> reporter: the two leaders have to answer the key question of how many u.s. soldiers will remain in afghanistan after combat troops withdraw by the end of 2014. afghan citizens have reacted angrily to a suggestion that washington might bring all its forces home. some say that would mean a return to civil war. a white house official said on tuesday that the u.s. would consider a complete pullout from afghanistan. the official said the so-called zero option is one of the scenarios being considered. the announcement prompted dismay back in afghanistan. >> translator: if all u.s. troops leave afghanistan after 2014, it will be civil war again. we experienced civil war in the past and it will happen again if all the troops go home. >> it's a kind of political game, probably they may like to show the worst picture. probably they may pass a happy message to the insurgents, taliban and extremi
the bypasser in chief? the white house is making it crystal clear that president obama could bypass congress and everything from the debt ceiling to gun control. for starters, vice-president biden saying today the president may impose gun control with an executive order. former speaker of the house, newt gingrich joins us, nice to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. i have to say, you have the most amazing program tonight that i can remember. >> greta: it's quite vast and varied let's say. >> remarkable. >> greta: don't want to miss any of it. and don't want to miss you either. tell me, the vice-president says the president may use an executive order for -- to impose gun control. your thoughts? >> well, the president can try to do almost anything if he wants to. the question is will he get away with it? the two natural stands are first, somebody will file a lawsuit, saying that it's illegal, and unconstitutional. but second, the house republicans have an opportunity when the continuing resolution comes up at the end of the march, to simply zero out the authority, to say no money shall be s
obama needs a binderful of women. maybe tongue in cheek. she writes about the white guys. what a shame, not an outrage, but a shame. the face of power that president obama has chosen to present to the country is strikele second for the african-american president at the top of the pyramid for its retro look. white and mail. it's "mad men" goes to washington. they've posted a picture that goes viral. all men in the oval office. in fact, if you look really are closely. we will circle the leg of valerie jarrett. you'll find her in that picture. however, she's behind the guy right there. that sparked the white house to release another photo. showing more women in the inner circle. a woman that came out wednesday. i want to start with you, is this reality or perception problems? >> this is our cover story right now. and it's a smart way to look at it, we in the media tend to focus on the big jobs. there are certain jobs sort of media more friendly. we tend to look at the cia and defense detectiver. those are the big positions to us in the media. >> the big boy jobs. >> we tend to focus on th
, obama is not black enough, is he not white enough? i don't care if he's trying to get attention or not you're a journalist and supposed to put things out that people want to hear. >> sean: great comments. greta is next, see you tomorrow. >> tonight, is president obama doing a power grab, bypassing congress to do just what he wants to do, cutting out the co-equal branch of congress. and newt gingrich is here to talk about the potential for power grab. "on the record" starts now. >> a bunch of liberal democrats worried about guns talking about using executive orders, what could it possibly be about? a gun grab. >> the president is going to pact through executive orders, executive action can be taken. >> if you have a president who thinks that executive orders trump the constitution, it doesn't really matter how many americans think that the constitution guarantees them the right to own a gun. >> the latest on a gruesome murder trial underway in phoenix right now. >> she already said, i did it, so the only thing that the jury is trying to determine here is was this really self-defe
of staff, lou is mr. obama's budget director, a job he held in the clinton white house. >> if converged -- confirmed, i look forward to joining the treasury department whose people are legendary for their skill and knowledge. >> reporter: some republicans are skeptical saying lou was less than honest about the president's budget and its affect on the nation's debt. >> he didn't show the kind of independence and credibility we would want in that important cabinet position. >> reporter: announcing low as a replacement for timothy geitner comes a day after hilda solice announced her reputation w. hillary clinton leaving, many are questioning the lack of women in the president's cabinet. >> i don't understand this and he can't find any to be in the top senate spot? >> the list will include jack lou, chuck hagel and john brennan for cia director. craig bosswell, fox news, washington. >>> more fallout from a maryland delegate who admitted he was drinking while driving a boat. don dwyer will no longer serve on the house judiciary committee. he's been reassigned to the house ways and means comm
, we learned today that president obama will nominate white house chief of staff jack lew as the new treasury secretary. and his signature will appear on every bill in our wallets. but when we looked up that signature, there it is. one person described it as a slinky that lost its spring. lew says if confirmed, he'll try to improve his penmanship. >>> and, what is your monopoly identity? do you go for the scottish dog, the hat, the thimble? today, monopoly announced they'll retire one of those tokens. and we, together, get to choose which one. so, you can vote online. the betting pros, by the way, say the wheelbarrow is the most likely to go. you can also vote for a new token, either a cat, a robot, a helicopter, a guitar or a diamond ring. i liked the wheelbarrow. oh well. if you see something out there for our "instant index," be sure to tweet it to me, @dianesawyer. >>> and, coming up next here, we saw her take home gold in london. so, why was missy franklin so nervous for a high school swim meet? [ boys screaming ] hi, i just switched jobs and i want to roll over
leaders and also al sharpton. and why is president obama nominating nothing but white males to the cabinet positions? the war on women continues straight ahead. greg? >> thanks, andy. >> you disgust me, greg. i was going to tell you why. >> why? >> it was only about maybe a month ago you were mocking me mercilessly for wearing a v neck sweater with a collar outside of it. >> really? >> yes. >> this is what happens when you leave your stuff at my place. >> you are just a little filth bucket. >> i am curious, you mentioned john cook. is that the john cook who lives in prospect heights? >> it might be. i'm not sure. jay in brooklyn -- >> in brooklyn? i think so. >> we can get his address. >> i don't know, maybe so. see you later, jerk. let's welcome my first guest. i am here are harris falkner, that's her name. and if hilarity were a gift card i would plow him at the olive garden. he is the co-host of the opie and anthony show. and in maine she considered a tackle box. it is bill schulz. and she knows hot stocks like i am -- like i know tube socks. it is true, i am a lonely man who wears tube
is visiting the u.s. this week. tomorrow meeting with president obama at the white house. also tomorrow, speaking at georgetown university. that is at 5:30 p.m. eastern, and you can see it live on our companion network, c-span. >> the "washington post" recently held a forum on women. labor secretary held that silas spoke about her career from and turning in the white house during the carter administration to serving in the obama administration. since this discussion from december, the secretary announced she is leaving her post at the end of the president's first term. >> good morning, and welcome. we have a remarkable gathering of women this morning, and they are -- their personal stories and backgrounds are as varied as america itself. they come from los angeles and cleveland and baltimore. they grew up poor, not so poor, asian-american, african-american, hispanic, and white. each of them have one thing in common. they are all phenomenally successful. each rose to the top of their field, whether parts or politics or sports, and we are going to talk to them today about how they did it,
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 180 (some duplicates have been removed)